In Which I Post Some Pictures of People Wearing Jewelry I Made:

     Here are two friends modeling some jewelry for me: (all of which either is or will soon be available on Etsy


Cyber Monday! Buy Stuff! Yeeeaaaa!

For Cyber Monday: 20% off in my Etsy store and free shipping at Society 6

Use coupon code MON2013 during check out with Etsy and the Society 6 one sort of does it all on it’s own, I believe. 

I have jewelry and original paintings for sale at Etsy and prints, bags and other sundry products with my pencil drawings and a few photographs. If there is a picture you would really like to see on a product, just contact me at I will be sure that you get a good price even if the promotion ends. 


Whooo Aaaare You?


I’ve been working a lot on a long list of custom tattoo designs lately. I’m pretty proud of this caterpillar one. I’m a pretty big fan of Alice in Wonderland, so it’s pretty fun for me. It’s actually part of a series of individual concepts for a full sleeve and shoulder piece. I’m about halfway through the list of characters and concepts for it. I think next I’m going to have to tackle Alice herself! These are outlines from the bits I’ve done so far. I’m probably going to leave the details like color up to the person getting the tattoo and the actual tattoo artist.

door knob outline 1The doorknob.

drink me outline 600 dpi

pocketwatch outline 600 dpi

I’m pretty happy with the watch!

More Weirder (More Austin Photos)


I like stars. Derp.

As a continuation of my last post: More Austin photos!


Corporate Art? I guess.


I didn’t. … For too long…


My son was very disturbed when I stopped in the middle of the street.


I really liked the texture on the side of this building.

And of course, I can’t leave out a few pictures of the state’s capitol. I’m not the biggest American (or Texan) history buff, but it was a very … big… clean.. building 😛


That main rotunda thing. It had circles! (Actually, it was very neat.)


mmm. yep.

So that’s about it! Besides some adorable pictures of some random child chasing a squirrel around a tree trunk, but I’m still iffy about posting pictures of other people’s children online. But it was really, really cute.

I haven’t posted a lot of these particular shots as prints yet, and I’m still deciding if I want to. (If you want any of them, let me know of course!)

I also wanted to take a second to say thank you to a few new followers. Thanks for giving me a shot 🙂 I always appreciate new people, new thoughts, and new ideas!