Color Run 2019

My roommates have this habit of doing fun, outdoorsy type things like normal ass human beings and I always end up somehow involved.

Hot. Sweaty. Dirty. Burning and squinting in the sun like the vampire I am, I try my best to soak up some vitamin D and occasionally pass the time manning the camera.

GRCC Student Art Show

​I haven’t had the time and/or space to paint since I moved to Michigan, but I dug up a few things to submit to the GRCC show this Thursday. If you are anywhere near Grand Rapids this Thursday (Dec 8th), it will be at GRCC’s Paul Collins Art Gallery (on the fourth floor, right by the elevators and the breezeway) and goes from 5pm to 9pm. 
Thank you to everyone who continues to show me lots of love, support, and encouragement! Hopefully, I’ll see a few of you there!

School Time…

Because of the amount of classes I’m taking this semester, I will only be working on commissions and personal holiday gifts until further notice. Items listed in my shops ARE STILL AVAILABLE! I have only left up items that are already made and ready to ship. New items will start coming back after I get those A’s. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and encouragement!

Skull Beads For Frickin Ever.


I love, love, LOVE skull beads. I adore them. I bought a crap ton of them and now I’m going to be using them for, like, ever. Here’s some earrings I just did with a few of them:


Both pairs are on my Etsy site.

Goodbye Arizona

So here we go. Getting the hell out of the state that has so far reminded me more of actual hell than anyplace on earth. And by that I mean that there’s a ton of cool people, but it’s too freakin hot. I won’t be making much in the way of new jewelry or paintings… mostly since my wonderful and lovable husband packed up all of my supplies for the duration of the trip. We will be bunking with the parental units for a week or so, then driving up to Sparta, Michigan, where I will have lots of fun making Sparta jokes.

After I run out of lines from 300, I will be setting up some real studio space in our new home! I’m very excited about this. Like.. I could pee a little. I managed to keep my big sketch pad out and available, so maybe I can get a bit of that sort of thing done.

In the meantime, I want to leave you all with every possible way you can keep up with me and what I’m doing (… kind of like that creepy guy from high school who never got over that ONE TIME), except I actually like you guys. (I assume I would anyways)








     Thanks for listening. Wish me luck.

New Things on Etsy


Layered Chain and Bead Turquoise Skull Necklace



Hand beaded, linked, chained, whatever! 5 layers of silver, black, turquoise chain and skull goodness. A very pretty statement piece that will compliment lots of different styles. On sale at Etsy here!

Chainmaille Lace Reversible Bracelet



Yea. I’m freckly. But anyways! This bracelet is cool. Anodized aluminum rings and toggle clasp. Based from a design I found on Blue Buddha. They are a great resource for people starting out with chainmaille!

This bracelet is available on Etsy.

Cyber Monday! Buy Stuff! Yeeeaaaa!

For Cyber Monday: 20% off in my Etsy store and free shipping at Society 6

Use coupon code MON2013 during check out with Etsy and the Society 6 one sort of does it all on it’s own, I believe. 

I have jewelry and original paintings for sale at Etsy and prints, bags and other sundry products with my pencil drawings and a few photographs. If there is a picture you would really like to see on a product, just contact me at I will be sure that you get a good price even if the promotion ends.